AutoGRAPH : A Comparative Genomics Server

Example of a 3-ways comparison for dog chromosome 34 vs. Human (right) and Mouse (left) genomes.


Due to a lack of time for maintenaning this interface, we decided to shut-down AutoGRAPH...

Please consider alternative interface for synteny analysis, such as :
- D-Genies

Thank you...

AutoGRAPH was an integrated web server for multi-species comparative genomic analysis. It is designed for constructing and visualizing synteny maps between two or three species, determination and display of macrosynteny and microsynteny relationships among species, and for highlighting evolutionary breakpoints.

The web server constructs synteny maps by pairwise comparison of marker/anchor orders between a reference chromosome and one or two tested genome(s). It permits users to visualize and characterize several features:
Conserved segments (CS) , Conserved Segments Ordered (CSO) , breakpoints , marker density in these regions, inferred locations for 1:0 orthologous relationships...

AutoGRAPH is a versatile tool and can be utilized for the integration and comparison of different maps (meiotic, RH...) with sequence resources within a single species.

- This work is referenced in:
Derrien T, Andre C, Galibert F, Hitte C. AutoGRAPH: an interactive web server for automating and visualizing comparative genome maps Bioinformatics. 2007 23:498-499 [abstract]

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