AutoGRAPH - Screenshots

› Screenshot comparing the top of the mouse chromososome 17 versus human conserved segments (on the right):

A javascript bulle is dsplayed when your 'mouse' is over the chromosome of reference with several informations:
- marker/anchor id on reference chromosome and orthologous id ( in preinserted module)
- marker/anchor strand on reference chromosome and on orthologous ( in preinserted module)
- marker/anchor location on reference chromosome and orthologous location

› Screenshot of the dog chromosome 11 (cfa11) with markers from 3 resources: RH map (middle), Sequence (right, first release july 2004) and cytogenetic map (left) :

AutoGRAPH allows users to detect difference in marker ordering between multiple resources (see at the bottom of the map).

› Dataset of Reference (canine chromosome 21) vs mouse and rat conserved segments :

Dog chromosome 21 (CFA 21) is presented on the middle of the figure.
Mouse and rat conserved segments are displayed, respectively, on the right and on the left.
AutoGRAPH is used for preinserted dataset in mode 2 (1:0 orthologous relationships are shown) with a zoom x0.5.

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